Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Vision for Building a Community-Based Economy for the 2nd Franklin District

A Vision for Building a Community-Based Economy for the 2nd Franklin District
By Genevieve Fraser

I suspect we share similar ideals.  We want children to be well fed, live and play in a safe environment and receive a well-rounded education.  We want affordable, cutting-edge health care for all – and to assure our elders and veterans and those in need of special care receive the support services they need and deserve. Our towns must have sufficient funds to provide vitally needed services.

We all need good paying jobs, safe housing and the amenities that make life enjoyable. But our economy is in trouble.  We can no longer rely on “business as usual.” Added to that uncertainty are the all-to-obvious impacts of climate change that have spawned weird weather patterns and a fear that dust bowl era crop failures will drive up food prices and create scarcity. 

I believe creative solutions still can be found right here at home using our “Yankee ingenuity!”

As state representative for the 2nd Franklin District, I will bridge the gap between ideals and the challenges ahead by rebuilding our local economy so that adequate revenues can flow into our nearly depleted public coffers.  I propose we create Industrial Bio-Parks built around CHP (combined heat and power) renewable energy.  These facilities would provide heat and electricity to a pellet plant, greenhouses, food processing centers and 21st Century industries that will contribute to environmental solutions, not problems.  The 2nd Franklin District Industrial Bio-Parks will serve as incubators for new and emerging manufactured products with our community colleges providing education and training for well-paying jobs.  At the heart of this Green Economy would be recreation and tourism and an expanded agriculture and forest and wood products industry promoted by a Green Certified Buy Local Program. 

Let’s work together to make this a reality.

NOTE: Genevieve Fraser is a Democratic candidate for state representative for the 2nd Franklin District.

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