Monday, April 11, 2011

Project Update: "Food for Change" on Co-Ops in North America

Project Update: 
"Food for Change"
Steve Alves, Producer/Director of Hometown Productions and a Franklin Community Co-op member since 1993, presented clips from his up-coming movie Food for Change at the Farm, Field Forest event in Orange on September 25, 2010. The audience was duly impressed and has been waiting to hear an update on this work-in-progress. 

According to Alves, "The world premiere of Food For Change will take place on Saturday March 24, 2012, in hundreds of co-ops, community organizations, colleges, and universities across the country. The event will attract national and local media coverage and will spur a renewed interest in co-ops and membership. That's the plan. Let us know if your co-op, community group, or college would like to be included in this event."     

Food For Change tells the complex story of co-ops in North America since the Great Depression culminating with the efforts by today's food co-ops to develop regional food systems. 29 co-ops in 16 states have joined together to produce Food For Change. Your support is needed to complete this movie. If your co-op has not yet invested in this project, please consider making a contribution today--see funding plan. All investments are held by our non-profit fiscal sponsor and shall not be spent until we have the funds needed to complete the film and carry out the distribution plan. Should we not raise the investments needed, funds will be returned. We are at a critical point so please give this project your full consideration.

Tell Us Your Story

Across North America food co-ops are becoming principal players in the local food movement. Cooperative leaders believe this is not only the right thing to do: it's also a competitive advantage when faced with increased competition from giant corporate grocery chains selling certified organic food. Food For Change tells this inspiring story and the deeper role that co-ops play to promote the health and economic well-being of their communities. Below is a clip from the movie about a young farm family that credits co-ops and the principles of cooperation with helping them to becomeestablished. It is but one of many scenes in the film that shows the ways that co-ops are planning ahead. Send us an e-mail to let us know what your co-op is doing to create local food systems so we can come out and film in your area. 

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