Thursday, September 30, 2010

White Elephant Art Gallery & Lecture Hall Set-up Friday Night, September 24

Entering the White Elephant on the night of September 24 to set-up for the art show, talks by Elizabeth Peirce and Allen Young and a performance by Diane Lincoln.

Brian Miner

Marie MacDonald eases a panel into the metal slot

Brian Miner, Marie MacDonald, and I helped to set-up the art gallery and lecture areas in the White Elephant for the September 25 show-time. 

MarieMacDonald (left) and Cindy Henley

Julie Pepper (left) and Sue Paquet (right)

Cindy Henley dropped by to volunteer her time.  Cindy's father is the noted local artist, the late Ralph Henley.  Marie and Cindy stand to the left of a painting by Orange artist, Susan Pepper (no relation to Julie.)

Later, additional artists began to filter in to drop off their work and a few stayed to help - Julie Pepper and Susan Paquet.

Thank you, Connie Pike, for allowing us unfettered access to your wonderful building.  Also, a special Thanks to AOTV's Carol Courville for loan of the chairs and Tammy-Lynn Chace at the Chamber for the display board.  The easles were supplied by the Hallmark Institute of Photograhy.  Thank you to the talented folks at the Institute.  The work you do is amazing!!

David Brothers, rural photographer

An artist contemplates her work (Sue P.)

Kettle and the Tea Cup - Genevieve Fraser

Tom Berube, artist - Chair of the Quabbin Advisory Board
Joe Smith - forester & artist
Exiting the White Elephant into the early autumnal evening... Genevieve
Photos by Genevieve Fraser

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