Thursday, September 23, 2010

National Grid featured in “Farm, Field and Forest” on Saturday, September 25

Orange Town Hall interior

National Grid spokesperson Anita C. Hagspiel will discuss industrial, municipal, and residential conservation measures as part of the Sustainable Energy panel during “Farm, Field and Forest: Living with the Land” on Saturday, September 25 at the Orange Town Hall, 6 Prospect Street in Orange, MA. Anita is a principal analyst and program manager in the Business Energy Efficiency Products Group. She currently manages four energy efficiency initiatives including National Grid’s Whole Building Assessment initiative and the Project Expediter initiative.

Town administrator Rick Kwiatkowski
The Sustainable Energy portion of the program will also feature Charles Bado with Coop Power in Greenfield, Dr. Alan Page on the carbon cycle, and members of local energy organizations including Pat Larson, John Jackson and Brian Nugent who will demonstrate home-grown projects from composting for heat to window inserts. 
 The day-long event is both a celebration of sustainable, local economies past and present, and a “Teach-In” with speakers, films, slide shows, panel discussions, and demonstrations which will take place in two near-by locations – the Orange Town Hall which starts at 8:30 – and The White Elephant Yoga Studio, 19 East Main Street, Orange, MA where doors will open at noon. The event will also feature local vendors and product demonstrations. The day’s activities are free and open to the public.

A line-up of activities at the Orange Town Hall include:

9:00 - Fishing and Hunting for Food with wilderness guide and fly fisherman, Ryan LeClerc and hunting spokesperson, Chet Hall.

Trailblazer Bob Curley
10:00 - Trailblazing and hiking/equestrian trails with North Quabbin Woods guide Bob Curley and Allison Comeau-White of the Hubbardston-based raw goat’s milk enterprise, Cookies Scentual Sudz.

11:00 - Sustainable energy and conservation.

1:00 – Dr. Jack Dempsey on 17th century sustainable wildlife, forestry and farming management as practiced by Native Americans.

2:00 - David King, wildlife biologist - Need for early successional forests in terms of wildlife habitat.

3:00 - Herm Eck - PowerPoint on DCR Quabbin forest management.

North Quabbin lumber - Heyes Forest Products
3:30 – Panel discussion on sustainable forest management with Chief Forest Fire Warden David Celino (DCR), Fred Heyes, Joe Smith, and Dicken Crane of MA Forest Land Owners Association.

4:00 - Steve Alves - Talk/video "Food for Change," Story of food coops.

4:30 - Sustainable farming panel discussion with Sandie Campos of High Winds Farm, Dicken Crane of Dalton-based Holiday Farm, Susan Paquet on growing shitake mushrooms and bee-keeper, Martha Varnot.

5:00 – Feed Northampton – municipal food security with Josiah Simpson.

5:30 Panel Discussion - Building sustainable land-based economies with George Jones of Seaman Paper Company, Noreen Heath-Paniagua of Adams Farm, Bob Curley, Alan Page and Brian Nugent.

Marie MacDonald
Starting at noon, the White Elephant, 19 East Main Street, Orange will hold an artist reception for "Farm, Field and Forest” art and photography exhibitors. At 2:00 pm Swift River Valley Historical Society curator, Elizabeth Peirce will speak followed by North Quabbin author Allen Young at 3:00. Diane Lincoln will perform from 4:00 pm until doors close at 5:00 pm.  The White Elephant is owned by Constance Pike who graciously agreed to open the space as part of the event. Marie MacDonald will serve as the master of ceremonies for all White Elephant events.

"Farm, Field and Forest" is organized by Genevieve Fraser, a former exhibits developer for the New England Science Center and environmental technical writer who was awarded an Environmental Commendation for her work on Massachusetts Acid Rain Awareness Weeks. In 1997, she was commissioned by the Commonwealth to write the EcoTheater drama, "Giants in the Wilderness with John Muir" as part of the 100th Anniversary of the Massachusetts Forest and Park System. Fraser will serve as the master of ceremonies for events held at the Orange Town Hall. Bob Curley is in charge of logistics.

For further information, visit or contact Genevieve Fraser at (978) 544-1872.

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